SIS is pleased to announce the release of Partner XE V 1.7.

The new release features a number of upgrades that came about as a result of input provided last spring by a NASPA work group formed in late 2010 to review the overall functionality of the system.

Watch for a message from Partner XE as to when it is available for your agency.

Among other things, this new version features ENHANCED CERTIFICATES WORKFLOW.


  • Streamlined handling of Certificate Renewal process
  • Added Certificate view filter
  • Enhanced batch printing capability, and
  • Improved flooding of policy data

We have also added the ability to open documents with a Windows default viewer, improved our ability to print ACORD 125 forms for all commercial lines policies, added new accounting reports and added the ability to export reports to CSV format.

In addition, as part of what will continue to be an ongoing process, we have improved server communication, overall performance and response time. Recognizing that network interruptions can impact user experience, we will persist in our efforts to ensure that Partner XE handles these more efficiently.

The automatic update will start this week with the anticipation that all agencies will be upgraded in the next few weeks.

To assist you with any questions you may have about the new and/or upgraded features, we are in the process of putting together an FAQ document and a demonstration video which you will be able to access through PartnerNet, the new online resource for Partner XE users. If you have not yet registered for PartnerNet, please do so by logging into www.partnerxe.net as soon as possible. Each individual who logs on will be asked to register with a user name and a password.

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