Apple-Devices1SIS is proud to release a new extension to the Partner XE system: the Partner XE Client Portal.

The Client Portal syncs an agency’s website with the Partner XE system, providing insured customers access to policy information online. Through the Portal, agency customers can view and print policy summaries, driver’s lists, auto ID cards, and certificates of insurance instantly. Agencies will receive real-time email notifications of customer activity and can view reports directly in the Partner XE system.

View a demo of the Partner XE Client Portal here

SIS worked closely with Board Members and the Partner XE Community to create the best experience for agencies and their customers alike. Product Manager Bryce Lee said of the Portal, “We achieved what our partner agencies needed: a simple way for policy holders to access their account information from the agency website.”

Multiple Partner XE agencies pilot tested the Client Portal before the full release. Mark Perkins of Perkins Insurance Agency called the Portal “a game changer,” adding, “It gives our clients the ability to securely access their policy information 24/7. This helps us compete directly with online markets and better secures our relationships.”

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SIS CEO Alex Deak said the Partner XE Portal “is already one of the best enhancements we’ve added to Partner XE.” He added that the Portal strengthens the agency-customer connection saying, “We ensured the user experience is consistent with the agency brand and complements the existing agency relationship. This adds value through convenience and furthers customer loyalty. That’s the goal: make it easier for our partner agencies to serve their customers.”

The Partner XE Client Portal was released alongside a Partner XE 2017 Update. To read more about the Client Portal and the July 2017 update, read the full press release here.

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