Prospects to clients Quality insurance providers know what is at the heart of sales: relationships. Independent insurance sales in particular focuses on getting to know prospective customers, and connecting them with the coverage. True insurance sales is helping people get what they need.

A Powerful Sales Tool – Your Agency Management System

Successful salespeople use a variety of tools to convert opportunities and chances are, your agency has at least one of these tools: an insurance management system. The data input/output abilities of your agency management system, coupled with its ability to centralize information, makes it perfect for prospect conversion.

Harnessing the Prospecting Power

Your insurance management system allows you to capitalize on the key elements of sales: know your prospect, stay in touch, and be there when the time is right.

  • Know your prospect
    • Get referrals from current clients and connect records so you can cross -reference the relationship.
    • Synch emails directly to automatically generate records of what was said and when. Synchronization means that even replies are saved in your system.
    • Scan in paper artifacts such as handwritten notes or receipts from meetings. Save them in your system to document each point of contact.
  • Keep in touch
    • Keep notes on calls, emails, and meetings in one place to give a complete picture of all points of contact you’ve had with a prospect in a given time.
    • Set reminders to get back in touch. These can be a week, month, or years out depending on need.
  • Be there when the time is right
    • Look at records to see when a prospect replied to an email or picked up a phone call: this information tells you best contact times.
    • Access quotes as you’re speaking with a prospect. Providing them on the spot increases chances of conversion.
    • Use eSign plug-ins to send and sign contracts as soon as a prospect is ready to commit.

 Other Insurance Management System Benefits

The reporting functions of your system are a huge asset to your independent insurance sales process. Read outs can show how often a prospect was contacted, by what means, and other pertinent information. And, it’s all easily exported to Excel so you can manipulate data and views as needed.

Centralized storage of prospect information is another asset. When information is recorded in your agency management system, it is tied to your agency, not the producer. This distinction is important – a producer could potentially leave your agency, taking all that hard earned data with them. In your management system, it’s accessible to your agency for years to come.

Partner Right

If your agency management system doesn’t have the above capabilities, talk with your provider. Find out what they can offer and ask about other ways to utilize your system to boost sales.

At SIS, we enjoy hearing from our clients, gaining insights into their areas of concern and adapting our Partner XE to their needs . Have an idea you’d like to share? Contact us – we’d love you from you!

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