Your Insurance Software Can be a Valuable Marketing Tool

A 2009 JD Powers report stated that “In this mature market, individual insurance companies tend toward a zero sum game, where the growth of one company, comes at the expense of another. To grow, an insurer must both protect its current book of business and conquest new customers.”

Most new customers, then, come at the expense of another insurer. Which side of the equation would you rather be on? How are you targeting those folks who are shopping?

Your Agency Management System Provides a Framework for Success

Focus can make all the difference. Because it gives you the ability to run queries to pinpoint your mailings to a specific demographic, track conversations, and schedule follow up calls, Partner XE helps you focus your efforts efficiently and effectively.

We have talked about some of the ways you can use your Partner XE agency management system to target, mail to, and track conversations with your current clients. Although the parameters used for your queries might be different, you can do the same for prospects.

Import Prospect Lists for Expanded Reach

You can run lists out of your Partner XE prospect database OR you can import a list into the system, and run your query to target a specific demographic. As long as your list is in Excel or CSV format, you can import it into your system using the utilities tab. This feature can be very beneficial for a new producer, especially one who has purchased a prospect list from an outside source.

If you need assistance in maximizing the marketing potential of your Partner XE agency management system, just give us a call at 800.747.7005, Option 2.

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