“We’ve always done it this way” is never a good reason for anything. Yet, I often hear this when talking to owners about their insurance agency workflow procedures. The old way is not necessarily bad, but chances are it isn’t the most efficient. There is a better way.

The tech-revolution has hit the insurance industry – hard. Agency management systems have grown by leaps and bounds, including adding in a host of time-saving system integrations. With so many new advancements in such a short amount of time, it can be hard to keep up. So, we at SIS have stayed up-to-date and sifted through the noise to target where to focus your attention.

Here are three must-have system integrations to keep your insurance agency workflows not only moving, but improving.

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  1. Integrated Accounting

If you watch Shark Tank, you know the one thing million and billion-dollar investors preach is you must “know your numbers” to grow your business. Without an integrated accounting system, you’ll never have a true picture of where you stand.

Integrated accounting saves you from entering financial information into a second system and assures you haven’t missed a single piece of data. From this comprehensive data pool, you can pull a host of reports, each providing essential information on how you’re doing and where you can go next.

Such reports include:

  • Profit and Loss Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Aged Receivables
  • Agency Commission, Sales and Retention by criteria (i.e. company, referral source, producer, etc.)

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  1. Email Integration

Much of agency correspondence today flows through email. And, there is a lot of relevant information found in each exchange. But, you don’t have time to go through the endless clicks and keystrokes the drag and drop process takes to connect conversations to constituent profiles. You either don’t do it or eat up countless hours with the process. Either way you lose.

With a truly integrated email solution, you can start an email from a profile or within an email platform and have it automatically saved to that profile. Similarly, inbound emails can directly connect to a profile. Simply save the client’s or prospect’s email address in your management system and your inbox will recognize it and automatically attach the email for you. You no longer need to waste your time with dragging and dropping, and you build better prospect and client profiles. Now it’s a win-win.

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  1. Mobile App

As an insurance agent, you protect people from the catastrophes we wish would never happen. If you were a fortune teller, you’d know when your clients were going to have a car crash or house fire. But, since you can’t predict disaster before it happens, you need to be always at the ready to help your clients during a crisis. That’s where mobile access to your management system is critical.

With a mobile app, your client can reach you at any time or place, and you’ll have access to all the crucial information you need to ease their fears. Mobile access allows you to answer all policy and coverage questions on the spot, which is huge during these crisis moments.

Besides providing on-the-spot vital service, a mobile app is beneficial during client and prospect visits. It allows you to map directions for a client meeting, look up contact info, or even add an activity to follow-up after your meeting.

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Finding it all in Partner XE

It’s no surprise our web-based Partner XE management system comes fully equipped with integrated accounting, email integration, and mobile app capabilities. These integrated systems are just part of what make the Partner XE system a game-changer for our partner agencies.

Want to find out more? View a demo at sispartnerplatform.com and get in touch with an SIS team member today to take the first steps in growing your agency

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