XP SwitchWhether you’re ready or not, it’s coming: in April of this year, Windows will stop all support for its XP operating system, and your agency needs to be prepared by switching to an updated Windows. Although you might not feel the effects of the end of XP support right away, when you do it will be immediate and drastic, and will cause your agency more trouble than it’s worth to resist an upgrade.

Upgrading your operating system is important as it is essentially the brain of your computer. The operating system manages your computer’s memory, its processes and all of its updates and hardware. Without a Windows-supported operating systems, you’ll be putting your agency’s computers, and their sensitive content at risk.

Without frequent updates, your computers will run slower and be more susceptible to security threats and hacks, exposing confidential client info. An out-of-date system cannot accept new or updated accounting , database management or marketing software, putting your agency even further behind the technological curve. Even worse, your old operating system will likely be behind your client’s systems, making it difficult to read documents containing pertinent info. This can cause frustration with clients, leaving a bad taste in their mouths regarding your agency’s service.

To avoid these issues, your agency should move to upgrade your operating system now. Not tomorrow, not next week – now. Make it your agency’s New Year’s resolution! By starting now, your employees will have time to adapt to the new system and you’ll be able to target any compatibility issues regarding your current software and programs.

A system upgrade offers multiple benefits to your agency. All Windows operating systems after XP have increased memory and processing time, meaning you’ll be able to compute faster. This leads to tackling client needs quickly and getting more done in less time. Along with faster processing and increased storage, you’ll also have peace of mind knowing Microsoft is keeping your system secure with frequent updates. And don’t worry about losing any old documents: all Windows systems after XP are compatible with XP Office docs.

If your agency is in a pinch, ensure at the very least that those operating your agency’s management system are upgraded. However, it is best to have your whole agency make the switch at one time, regardless of the cost. Rolling out upgrades one at a time leads to incompatibility between your employees, which slows up the flow of internal information. In the end, it is better for your agency to put down a little more money to upgrade now as you will need to upgrade. It is better to do so on your terms rather than wait for an emergency overhaul later when your XP systems fail.

As you upgrade your operating system, you’ll have one less thing to think about with Partner XE. PXE is compatible with all current Windows operating systems, so you can rest easy that everything will look the same in your agency management system before and after your switch. If you’re not using Partner XE and want to find out more, contact us at 800.747.9273 or [email protected] . Happy upgrading!

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