We work closely with all our independent insurance agency clients to determine and create the best agency management experience for their business. Over the years, we’ve tackled the highest needs of the time, ranging from accounting integration to cloud-based system security. Our Partner Platform agencies have made one need clear in the past few years: insurance prospecting software.

As small businesses, our Partner Platform agencies are working to keep up with the sales and marketing advances big insurance provides wield. Thanks to our hard-working, innovative team, we’ve been able to equip our agencies with the tools they need to promote client growth and retention, all within one system.

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Our Prospecting Lineup: Tools for Gaining and Growing Clients

Amongst our sales and marketing lineup are tools designed to help agencies better identify prospective clients, discover ways to grow current customers, and create, distribute, and track marketing efforts.

  • Producer Results Manager CRM – Critical in the sales sphere, this CRM is customized for insurance agencies’ unique needs. We work with our Partner Platform agencies to create dashboards and workflows specific to each agency, making it easier to identify, track, and nurture prospects. See more here.
  • Marketing Automation Manager – This integrated system helps agencies create and track targeted marketing campaigns all within their management system. Users can quickly gain feedback on what’s working and get insights on what needs to change to improve their outreach. And we provide a library of content and campaigns to help get agencies started. See more here.

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Our Communication Suite: Ways to Stay and Keep in Touch

One of the most important aspects of sales is clear, consistent communication with prospects. We designed our communication suite to make it easy for agencies to reach out and for their prospects and customers to stay connected. At the same time, each conversation is automatically recorded and stored in one system.

  • Email integration – Our Partner Platform agencies can send and receive emails within the Partner Platform system, streamlining workflows and automatically creating a permanent record for E&O protection and improved service. See more here.
  • Integrated texting – All texts and replies can be sent and received through the Partner Platform system, creating another essential permanent communication record. Staff no longer has to worry about using their personal devices, which can put security in jeopardy. See more here.
  • Client Portal – Connected to our Partner Platform system, the Client Portal is fully agency-branded and accessible right from an agency’s website, giving customers and prospects immediate access to proposals, current coverage, insurance cards, and records of communications. See more here.
  • Agency Mobile App – Our mobile app offers easy access to pertinent information for both customers and agency staff. Through the app, customers can snap photos of accidents the moment they happen, access digital insurance cards, and get in touch with agency staff thanks to full integration with the Partner Platform management system. See more here.

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Our Means for Making the Sale: Integrations to Improve Service

Beyond gaining and nurturing leads, our Partner Platform agencies are looking for tools to improve their sales and service. We offer integrated tools to improve the sales process, shortening the time between requesting a quote and signing coverage.

  • Agency-Branded website – An easy-to-navigate, agency-branded website is essential for sales success. Prospects are spending more time online and are quick to abandon agency websites that are confusing or inconvenient. We work with our agencies to craft custom websites that promote interaction and drive sales. See more here.
  •  Integrated Proposal Creator – To streamline the request to proposal process, we created our integrated Proposal Creator to flood policy and submission info into a pre-designed, agency-branded template. See more here.
  • eSignature Integration – Gone are the days of faxing and mailing proposals. With our integrated esignature capabilities, prospects and customers can securely sign proposals from anywhere and process their coverage in minutes. See more here.

Get the Technology and Support You Need in One Place

These top-notch sales and marketing tools are only part of what we provide in the Partner Platform experience. We also work one-on-one with our agencies for personalized installation, conversion, and training to ensure the Partner Platform system is fully integrated into the agency’s workflows and culture.

Discover more about our system, processes, and community – get in touch at [email protected] or fill out a simple contact form here.

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