paperlessAt this point in the digital age, most agencies are aware of the benefits of going paperless. Your agency can save time and money by offering paperless quotes and the ability to esign insurance documents, among other paperless processes. Eliminating paper frees up physical space in your office and makes it easier to find what you need. And, most importantly, more and more of your customers will expect paperless processing.

So, what does becoming paperless mean for you and your agency? To help break apart what it means to “go paperless,” we’ve compiled the top agency processes that need to go digital.

  1. Policy quotes

    Paperless policy quotes are quickly becoming the norm. Use a simple form on your agency’s website for quote requests and follow up with an email and call.

  2. Document Signatures

    In insurance, esigning is a must. The amount of paperwork changing hands for each new customer, renewal, and claim is overwhelming. Printing out each of these pieces just for a signature wastes time and money.

  3. Claims processing

    Your customers should be able to make a claim online. The best way is through an app, allowing customers to process claims the moment they happen.

  4. Customer payments

    Payments by check or over the phone are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Most customers expect to pay online through your agency’s website.

  5. Policy renewals

    Customers should be able to re-up their policies with the click of a button. Again, your agency’s website is the best source for this operation.

Ready to go paperless?

First, assess and prioritize your needs. Perhaps you’ll choose to move to online payments first, or policy quotes may be your priority. Listen to your employees and customers to decide the most pressing paperless need for your agency.

Next, identify a project leader. This is true for each paperless process you implement. You may have the same leader for all, or an individual for each. Regardless of how, someone must spearhead the change.

Then, set a timeline. State when the switch will begin, and when you will evaluate it. Be mindful you will need to troubleshoot issues along the way.

Finally, be forgiving. This applies to you, your employees, and your customers. There will be an adjustment period, but don’t let frustrations keep you from making the paperless switch.

The processes named in this post are just a few of the many your agency can implement for a complete paperless workflow. As mentioned, your agency’s website is key in going paperless, as is your agency management system. Agency management systems such as Partner XE include elements such as Outlook integration and esignatures to aid in your agency’s paperless transition.

Find out about Partner XE’s other capabilities and how SIS can help your agency improve its operations and efficiency. Call us today at 800.747.9273 or send us an email at sales@sisware.com.

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