Yes, we’re still talking about why you need to become a paperless insurance office. Whether it’s saving money, increasing efficiency, or serving customers better, paperless practices hit them all.

U.S. companies spend over $120 billion each year printing paper forms – that’s a lot of money wasted on something that could have been processed digitally at no cost. In insurance, close to 60% of personal lines agencies and almost half of commercial lines agencies have seen the light and transitioned to paperless. Each saw a 10% jump in paperless agencies in the last two years (source). With trends like this, why are you holding out?

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Why Hasn’t Your Agency Gone Paperless?

“We don’t have time.” “It’s too big of a transition.” “We lack the right infrastructure.”

While these responses may be true, they’re still not reason enough to resist going paper-free. Paperless agencies reap benefits that far outweigh any costs, such as:

  • Boost productivity with tech like e-signature, fillable PDFs, and downloadable forms.
  • Increase customization through easy to update in-house forms that collect only the info you need so clients can onboard in the fewest steps possible.
  • Hasten customer service as employees no longer have to search through files to find the right document.
  • Improve organization through well thought out file structures that you can update in seconds.

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  • Slash budgets by eliminating printer purchases and repairs, ink and paper costs, and even postage.
  • Protect information with secure infrastructure to store forms and data, and worry less about losing paper forms due to natural disaster or human error.
  • Establish better E&O protection by avoiding human error in hearing or writing something incorrectly, and enhance your paper trail with digital records all held in one place.
  • Reduce wait times. especially around signing a new customer. E-signature alone has cut an 11-day transaction down to only 48 hours (source).

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Make Paperless Easy with Partner Platform

Eliminate all your paperless excuses with the Partner Platform agency management suite. Partner’s integrated systems make paperless easy to implement, and our top-notch service team makes the transition to paperless processes effortless.

Plus, the cloud-based system allows you to access Partner Platform anywhere, so you can complete paperless transactions on-the-go. And, our data facilities hold the CompTIA Security Trustmark+ rating, the highest Security Trustmark available, meaning your data is safe from harm. Find out more about what Partner Platform has to offer your agency. Get in touch at 800.747.7005, Option 6 or request a demo today.

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