When I talk about mobile apps with our clients, the first thing they think of is how it can improve their day to day operations. This is very true – your agency members have much to gain from all the time, on-the-go access to your agency management system via a mobile app.

But, mobile access is beneficial to agency customers, too. They give customers that same anytime access to their policy and info.

Agency Benefits: Mobile Management System Access

For your agency, mobile capability means accessing your agency management system on a mobile device. Such mobile capability allows you to perform relevant tasks when you’re outside of the office. That could include:

  • Capturing prospect information in the moment. Add names, contact info, and other pertinent prospecting information as you walk out of the meeting.
  • Serving customers anywhere. As an independent agency, you’re highly involved in your community. Chances are you’ll run into a customer when you’re out and about, and they’ll ask you about their policy. Mobile access allows you to meet their needs right there, instead of waiting till you’re back in the office.
  • Accessing information after hours. It seems almost every claim happens after-hours. With mobile, you can look up policy info to help process claims any time of day, wherever you’re located. Herein lies the most important mobile benefit: providing critical service to your customers when they need it most.

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Customer Benefits: Mobile Agency Portal

For your insured customers, mobile access means viewing and updating their policy and contact information on a mobile device via an agency portal. Though they are essentially tapping into your agency’s management system as well, the connection is opaque. But, the benefits remain obvious. Some include:

  • Better customer service. With mobile access, your customers can reach you easier and get their questions answered faster. This slight increase in service speed (without a decrease in quality) is exactly what your customers seek.
  • More control. Customers can view their info and change approved pieces on their own. Giving customer this level of control helps them feel they matter.
  • Faster claims processing. Mobile allows customers to capture claim information the moment the accident happens. They can upload photos and key in details before they forget, giving you a clearer picture of what happened.

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Using Mobile to Set Your Agency Apart

Adding mobile access to your agency is a small move that makes a big difference. Almost everyone has access to and uses their mobile phone frequently, and this addition will separate you from your competition.

At SIS, we know these seemingly small enhancements can make a big impact on your agency. That’s why mobile access, email integration, and other efficiency-boosting capabilities come standard in our Partner XE management system. To find out more about what Partner XE has to offer, get in touch with us to schedule a demo and tell us how we can help your agency grow.

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