When you think essential agency tools, your management system is likely first on your mind. Though this system does a lot (okay, almost everything) for your agency, it alone is not enough to compete with the fast-paced insurance industry.

To stay on top of progress, you need to add other tools to improve insurance agency workflows, creating an adaptable management system. With these tools, you will boost your system’s agility and better serve both customers and prospects alike.

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Comparative Raters

Integrating comparative raters into your agency management system allows for quick, easy policy comparisons. As Kayak or Priceline does for travel, raters do for insurance. With an imbedded comparative rater in your agency management system, you can get back to prospects and clients faster with the best policy options and premiums to fit their needs.

Customer Portals

Creating a space where your customers can view and update their information not only streamlines your communications, it provides customers with a sense of security. Knowing they can view and update their information at any time means customers feel in control.

Such portals should be an extension of your management system and accessible on your agency website. In these portals, customers can print certificates and ID cards, look up policy information, and update their contact information, among other actions. Providing this quick access to information makes your agency versatile.

Mobile Apps

Naturally, mobile apps play a big part in mobilizing your agency management system. Agencies use their mobile app as an extension of their management system, allowing them “on-the-go” access to all their system has to offer. Producers use their management system’s app to look up prospect and client policy info, view contact history and update important records. Customers take advantage of agency mobile apps during emergencies, snapping photos of accidents and initiating claims in the moment.

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Having a scanner may not intuitively translate to improving system workflows, but scanning plays a critical role in an important initiative: going paperless. A paperless agency is no longer a trend, it’s a requirement. Storing documents virtually protects them from disaster and theft and improves E&O protection. Adding a scanner to each workstation makes going paperless that much easier.

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It’s 2017. Each member of your agency should have their own email address and check it regularly. Customers now rely on email communication, and many times prefer it over in-person or phone calls to get business done. The speed of email is its charm. Policy documents can now be sent, signed, and securely returned through email. And the best systems include email integration so you can send and store emails and easily attach documents right from your management system portal.

Internet Providers

Working with a reliable internet provider is integral to your agency, and especially your management system operations. Your agency needs a provider with reliable upload and downloads speeds that are able to handle the large amount of data you’re processing daily. One way to ensure you’re getting the speeds you paid for is to test them on Speedtest.net, a website that rates your upload and download speeds. Your provider should also be responsive to any issues, getting your agency back online quickly.

These tools, coupled with an adaptable agency management system, will help you stay a cut above the rest. At SIS, we work with multiple partners to bring mobile, online rating, paperless workflows, and other efficiency-wielding tools into our Partner XE management system. We’re constantly improving our system, taking requests from our clients, and challenging the status quo in the industry.

To find out more about SIS and our Partner XE agency management system, contact us here or at 800.747.7005, Option 6.

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These are just a sampling of the many learning resources we provide to our clients. But, the greatest resource is the clients themselves. We at SIS look for ways to connect clients, encouraging them to share best practices and learn from each other’s mistakes. Through regional learning workshops and client-run workgroups, our agency partners are constantly investigating and improving the Partner XE management system.

Through these tools and networking opportunities, we help our clients get the first down they need. I challenge you to do the same.

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