“The service was excellent.”

This sentence is music to any business owner’s ears. Being known for great customer care and service is the golden ticket to lasting success. So, what does great service look like? We asked Strategic Insurance Software (SIS) staff and clients to talk a bit about what it means to serve and why they’re motivated to go above and beyond for their customers and clients.

From SIS Partner Agencies: Service as the Lynchpin to Success

“For us, it comes down to faithfully being involved in our community and always trying to do the right thing…Our goal is to give back to our communities and be an active corporate citizen…Our staff focuses on doing the right thing at all times and trying to do the best job possible at all times. Sometimes the right thing is the hard thing. We have been around so long because we consistently do the right thing. That’s what we have always focused on: doing the right thing and being a good corporate neighbor.”
David Dunn, G.H. Dunn Insurance

“Bluegrass’ motto is ‘We’ll do anything,’ when it comes to finding clients the best coverage solutions to suit their needs. We make sure any person or business has exactly what they need to protect their families, businesses, assets and more.”
Denise Joy, Bluegrass Insurance Services

“Everyone here thinks of everyone else in our agency as family. We all help each other and enjoy each other’s company. Working with people that we care about in a supportive environment makes coming to work and serving our customers at a high level easy.”

Richard Whitener, THW Insurance Services, LLC

“We are proud to take care of our customers. These are our neighbors, after all…When we receive a call to report a claim, we walk the individual through the entire process, helping to obtain a police report, explain actual cash value vs. replacement value, etc.

…What’s more, every time a customer calls Nolan Insurance Agency, they get a live person. We have no voicemail here! I’m pretty proud of that type of service in this day and time.”
Kathy Mulder, Nolan Insurance Agency

“(We) are known as a family organization with a strong investment in our clients…We’re heavily involved with (our local) school systems and sports teams. Community has always been a big part of what we do.

…Our clients have praised our service and attention to detail. That’s why people stay with us, I think. And we’re pretty happy about that. We feel like we’ve built a good reputation over the years.”
John Horvath, Neverman Insurance Agency

From the SIS Staff: Going Above and Beyond to Serve

“Great service means listening and caring. When I work with a client, I try to understand what’s important to them and tackle those needs first. At SIS I feel like I’m part of a family, and I want our clients to feel the same way.”
– Candace Starkey, Senior Accounting Specialist

“The biggest compliment I receive is, ‘Thank you.’ It means I addressed a need and have made things easier for one of our partner agencies. Great service means exceeding expectation, and I strive to do that every day.”
–Bryce Lee, Director, Product Management

SIS Team huddled together eating food provided by a local vendor

“To me, the goal is to understand client needs and help them advance towards their goal. Sometimes the answer is clear, other times there may not be a perfect solution. But, you can say, ‘Here is what we can do. Will that work for you?’ Great service means taking responsibility and initiative to do what you can.”
– Adam Rapp, Product Marketing Manager

“When working with a client, I focus on establishing trust. I do that by getting them a quick, confident, and correct response. If I don’t know the answer, I know I can go to one of my amazingly qualified team members to get the right information. It’s great to work with a team who focuses on supporting each other so we can help our clients achieve their goals.”
– Luke Purnell, National Account Manager and Implementation Manager

SIS team holding up a trophy after a team win

“Anyone can serve, but it takes more to have great service. Attention to detail is of the utmost importance. It’s about putting in the extra effort to make the interaction more helpful. And I’m able to do that thanks to my team. The people on the SIS team are what make SIS so special. Each person is dedicated to their jobs, the clients, and making SIS the best it can be. Our teams are so strong because of great leadership. Knowing that the leaders trust, respect, and believe in you makes a world of difference. It drives you to do the best job you can do.”
– Michelle Landon, Administrative Assistant and Events Coordinator

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