relationshipsYour clients are the most important part of your independent insurance agency. It is your relationship with these clients that drive your business. You think about their needs and reach out to provide the best service. It is this client service that is central to the success of the agency—both the clients themselves and the culture of your associates when they know customer care is the purpose of your business.

Your relationship with your agency management system provider should be the same. Your agency should feel important to your provider and be reflected in their level of care. At a minimum your provider should offer:

  • REGULAR SYSTEM UPDATES to ensure your agency is on top of the latest trends in the industry. These updates should be grounded in your agency’s needs and the needs of your clients.
  • TARGETED TRAINING at the onset of system implementation and following updates. Multiple training options should be offered, including on site and online opportunities. These trainings should go beyond generic and be tailored to your agency.
  • PERSONALIZED SERVICE where your provider knows not just your name, but your agency’s specific needs. The best providers offer a service team dedicated to your agency and schedule continual, consistent communication.
  • CONTINUING EDUCATION via webinars, blogs, conferences, and connection with a user community. It’s important for these opportunities to be relevant to recent industry trends, ideally connected to your regular system updates.

Providers offering these elements show dedication to you and your agency. When your provider is able to serve you, you are in turn able to better serve your clients.

Client service is number one for us here at SIS, and our latest Partner XE is a reflection of that dedication. Our recent updates came straight from our clients, who each have a dedicated team listening and responding to their needs.

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