Google Plus for Insurance AgenciesConnecting with clients in a wired world presents a whole new approach when growing an insurance agency. Most consumers today rely on social media, as well as friends and family, opposed to promotions and advertisements to form their decisions about products and services. In today’s market, consumers are well informed and socially engaged. This does not change the fact that consumers want to feel they have a personal relationship with the companies they engage with. One way that companies can ensure they are successfully marketing on a digital platform, while maintaining the personal relationship that consumers need is through Google+.

What is Google+ and Do I Need It?

Currently, there are over 200 social networking sites, some of which host more than a billion users. One very prominent and upcoming social media site that is owned and operated by Google Inc. is Google+. Originally founded in 2011, Google+ hosts more than 500 million registered users worldwide.

Some of the features of Google+ include:

  • Stream– This is where users see updates from those in their circles. Users have the ability to post comments and upload/share photos and videos.
  • Circles– This feature enables users to organize people into groups for sharing purposes. Sections range from Family and Friends categories to All Users on the Google+ system.
  • Hangouts– These are places used to facilitate group videos chats. You can have a maximum of 10 users at a time participating in a single chat in which users can even share YouTube videos, documents, and create instant webcasts.
  • Messenger– Available to Android, iPhone, and SMS devices, Messenger enables users to communicate and share photos with those in their circles instantly.

The Benefits of Google+

Now that we have reviewed some of the basics about Google+, let’s take a look at how it can benefit you and your agency. Many agencies have adopted Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages to enhance marketing efforts. With a presence on these sites, many ask how adding a Google+ account will really make a difference. The answer is simple. When it comes to social media and having a dominating web presence, there is high probability that you will never be 100% covered. By using Google+ you can be sure to close the gap between your percentage now and the ultimate 100%.

Here are a few benefits to creating a Google+ Business Profile:

  • Most importantly, your current and potential customers are already on there. With over 500 million active members in a little over 2 years, Google+ provides you with the opportunity to engage with your clients on their level.
  • Remember, less users=less competition. Start building relationships now when you can still be heard. The number of individuals and businesses joining Google+ increases daily.
  • Another positive is that Google+ allows for a more direct and personal relationship with clients. Google+, unlike Facebook and Twitter, is dominated by quality info that is professional and informational. Consumers appreciate a site that is not cluttered with unnecessary information and advertisements.
  • You will also set your agency up with the ability to be part of the future integration with other Google products. Who knows what plans Google has for the future!

This post is part of a series on Insurance Marketing Strategies brought to you by SIS.  At SIS we view it as our job to make all the behind the scenes tasks that go into running an independent insurance agency simpler, so you can focus on growing your book of business.

We do this by doing what we do best – listening to our clients’ needs, constantly working to build a better agency management system, providing outstanding ongoing customer support and looking for the next “best way” we can help you out.   

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