Since our founding, the Partner Platform Community has grown exponentially. What started as a group of agencies and dedicated staff has exploded to contain much more. One of those additions is our group of Partner Allies. This team of insurance agency software providers started as a collection of exciting integration possibilities and grew into an ever-expanding coalition of cutting-edge insurance tech.

Each of our Partner Allies grew from individual relationships. Whether it was a Partner Platform agency owner or SIS team member making the connection, each formed from a common connection: a drive to serve our agency customers. Initially called “tech integrations,” the term seemed too thin for what these partnerships brought to the table, so we soon changed to “Partner Allies” to better capture the relationships.

What Makes Partner Allies Unique

Beyond their associates and clients, one of the hallmarks of great companies is the providers they collaborate with to create meaningful client experiences. Some of those relationships are designed to be solid, easy-to-use integrations that “do the job.” And we have many of those. But Partner Allies are the relationships built to go beyond “doing the job.” Our Partner Allies offer unique and valuable experiences that make the lives of our clients easier, more productive, and, in the best of situations, more profitable.

Some of our recent Partner Ally additions include:

Semsee (Commercial Lines Rating)

Semsee recently joined our Partner Allies team with a critical tool for rating small commercial. With commercial lines rating in its infancy, Semsee has created a strong product with an increasingly strong carrier lineup. Along with being easy to do business with, the Semsee team created a nicely designed product that offers the solid capabilities our Partner Platform agencies need to stay competitive.

BlueJay Reviews (Online Reputation Management & Reviews)

BlueJay Reviews is built for agencies that want to quickly and easily understand and manage their online reputation. Reviews are out there whether an agency sees them or not, and BlueJay helps those reviews become visible. The automated process asks for reviews following client interactions. If the review is good, the agency can post it automatically in various online forums. If the review isn’t positive, the agency is notified, providing a chance to turn around a situation with an unhappy client.

DataCrest (Digital Forms & Supplemental Apps)

DataCrest created a digital forms product called AppEase, giving agencies the ability to manage supplemental applications easily. The intuitive, affordable product continues to expand in available applications. Our Partner Platform agencies find this versatile tool is a game-changer and, if they can’t find an application they need, DataCrest will add it to the system. That dynamic nature is critical in our ever-expanding digital landscape.

…With Room to Grow

These are three of what is an outstanding lineup of providers that include eSignature, VoIP, digital payments, encrypted email, and more. And it’s just the start of our growing partnerships.

Many of our Partner Ally connections grew from our best advocates, one of our Partner Platform agencies. If you have a tech integration you’d like to see in the Partner Platform system or any other comments or questions, get in touch with us at 800.747.7005, Option 6 or [email protected]

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