Accounting eGuideKeeping track of income and expenditures is the most important aspect of any business, and insurance agencies are no exception. Yet, so many agency owners don’t pay attention to their accounting systems, missing a huge opportunity to save time and money by streamlining agency accounting systems.

In our latest eGuide, Getting Your Agency Finances in Order: Accounting Tips for Independent Insurance Agencies, we provide you and your agency with the resources you need to understand your accounting system and realize ways to make it run more efficiently and effectively. We’ve taken a host of resources and concentrated them in to this short eGuide, helping you determine what your agency needs to keep up with finances. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Cash vs accrual accounting – what each means and their individual benefits
  • Switching to a new accounting system – questions to ask and ways to prepare to change your independent insurance agency’s accounting system
  • Integrated accounting – the benefits of using an agency management system with integrated accounting
  • Tracking commission – ways you can better track commission using your agency management system

Click here to download the eGuide – and check out our past eGuides for more easy to read resources focused on important aspects of your agency.

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