John YasikJohn Yasik and his team at Newark, DE-based Poland & Sullivan Insurance, Inc. were frustrated.

They were frustrated with rising costs, frustrated with a complicated and unreliable reporting system, and frustrated with customer service that was described as, in a word, “atrocious.” After years of putting up with their agency management system and provider, John and his team knew it was time to find something better for themselves and for their customers.

After encountering Partner XE in a webinar hosted by their local professional agents association, they saw what they were looking for and decided to get connected. “We realized SIS and Partner XE would enable our agency to take care of our customers the way we needed to,” John said, “Our core philosophy is we don’t sell products. We believe our job is to educate, inform and advise our customers.” With SIS John found that same philosophy – listening, learning, and supporting for mutual success.

We talked with John about what brought his team to SIS and Partner XE and what advice he’d give to other agents on the same journey. In our conversation we covered:

  • Why to pass on the big names in management systems
  • Getting a system that works for you
  • Recognizing quality customer support
  • And more!

Read our full conversation with John on our client stories page.

Frustarted with your management system? Get in touch with an SIS team member today to find out how Partner XE could be your solution.

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