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Best Practice #2 – Go Paperless

Go Green, improve workflow and empower a virtual workforce with digital document storage solutions tied to web-based insurance software. Follow these best practices for increased productivity, reduced overhead and improved customer service.agency management system best practices go paperless

Get the right insurance agency management software
  • Implement an agency management system that uses an E&O compliant internal transactional filing system to manage storage and store all system files and activities.
  • Use a web-based agency management system so that files can be accessed while you are on the road or working from a satellite office.
Establish workflow procedures
  • Work with staff to determine the best method to scan and import documents into the system. This may depend on what type of scanning equipment you have in your office (big multiplex scanners vs. individual workstation scanners.) If choice is an option, our suggestion is to go with the latter. Overall, we have found that the workstation scanners tend to be the most effective, primarily because they alleviate bottlenecks at the scanner.
  • Set up a consistent document naming system. This is critical to be able to find files (no matter who created them) where you need them, when you need them – even several years down the road. Example: Emails should be tagged with “EML” and then the description, ACORD forms with “ACORD,” etc.    By doing so, you can easily run a “sort” and group all of your emails / forms, etc. together.
  • Make sure all personnel are properly trained on the new procedures.
Make a plan for the old paper
  • Determine how the office will handle old files. The two main choices here to: a.) Scan all old files into the system, or b.) To pick a starting date and go digital from that point on. It is important to speak with your service staff to collectively determine what makes the most sense for the agency. Making a big decision like this could lead to frustrations if team members aren’t on board and it’s not all planned out ahead of time.


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