transition trainingTo round out our series of posts focused on system conversion and finding the best conversion provider, we look to the transition process itself. Providers may be vague in saying they will “make the transition smooth” or “provide training” to ensure you’re ready for conversion. You have a right to gain clarity from these nebulous promises! Be straightforward with your potential provider and get the facts on what they’ll provide to make the transition and training of your conversion process painless and positive.

Transition and Training Questions for Your Provider

  • How have other agencies prepared?  What are the most effective ways to help my agency learn?
  • What type of training will be provided for the transition? Online? Onsite? Blend of both?
  • How many trainers will be onsite?  For how long?
  • If additional training is needed what are the costs?
  • How will you tailor training to my agency’s specific needs?
  • Will you work with me after the conversion if I want to make any adjustments post-initial conversion?
  • What is the transition timeline? How will you ensure we stick to this timeline?
  • Who will be involved in the transition (on your end and their end)?
  • Will additional training be offered as updates are made? At what cost?
  • What additional transition supports can you provide? User groups? Personalized troubleshooting?

Besides asking these questions, you should also question agency owners who recently transitioned to the provider. The best and most honest reviews come from the clients themselves to learn more about their experiences and things they’d do different knowing what they know.

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