email_etiquetteEmail has quickly become one of the most efficient and effective ways to communicate with co-workers, clients, and business partners, making it almost second nature to many. However, the ease and familiarity of emailing can lead to poorly written, unprofessional communication when doing business. Professional environments, trusted agencies require quality written communication. To ensure you and your agency staff are communicating in an appropriate manner, we suggest adhering to the following email etiquette basics.

  1. Use a short, meaningful subject line that communicates the content well (i.e. “Update on Braverman Policy”)
  2. Reply all only if the response will benefit all the individuals from the original email
  3. Include the message thread when forwarding or replying to an email
  4. Read your email before sending, checking for spelling/grammar errors and ensuring your message is clear
  5. Check that you have included all attachments, sending them only if requested and pertinent
  6.  Return emails within the same time you would return a phone call (24-48 hrs.)
  7. Send emails introducing problems or concerns during the day – do not wait till the end of the business day to start an issue
  8. Keep messages clear and concise, using bullets or lists to convey the most relevant information
  9. Avoid sending confidential information over email
  10. Do not forward junk mail, chain letters, or any solicitations using work email

Before sending, put yourself in the place of your email recipient and think: “Would I read this email? Would I understand it?” This simple check in will help you become a better writer and communicator, benefitting your clients and colleagues.

For more tips on how to improve your email communications and productivity, read our Email Productivity eGuide, available for free at sispartnerplatform.com. While you’re there, check out how Partner XE’s email integration can help streamline your agency’s practices and improve agency communication. For more info on Partner XE’s capabilities, contact us at sales@sisware.com.

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