As Director of Product Management, I spend a lot of time talking with clients about their agency management system needs. One component that comes up over and over again is mobile access.

Agency members see a mobile agency management system as critical to operations. Whether they use it once a year, every day, or only in the event of an emergency, clients tell me the “always accessible” nature of mobile is crucial for many reasons. Some top motives are:

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On the road access

Agency owners and Producers spend a lot of time away from the office and use their management system’s mobile app on a daily basis. Many recall the days of contacting their agency for a phone number or other small piece of information. Now, they can access this essential information within seconds.

Our Partner XE users say this quick mobile access better prepares them for meetings with prospects and clients, boosting their selling ability. With the Partner XE Mobile App, users can view accounts, add information, create reminders, and even look up documents on the spot: all of which are now expectations from a prospect’s point of view.

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Work from home opportunities

Mobile access is important for those who spend most of their time in the office as well.  Think of the times you’ve had to call in sick (for yourself or your kids) when you know you have a lot of follow-up calls scheduled. Or when you had to leave the office early and received a call from a co-worker asking questions about an account. Insurance moves at a fast pace, and missing those moments to close a gap or connect with a customer make a difference. Knowing you can access information whether you’re in the office or not gives peace of mind our Partner XE clients value.

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Emergency situations

Disaster is, unfortunately, unpredictable and emergency situations happen. In the event of disaster, mobile agency management system access can be a lifesaver. One of our long-time clients had such a situation occur when they had a fire at their agency. Everything was gone – total loss.

Thankfully, they were able to move into a temporary location right across the street. However, it took time to get new workstations together and set up. During that transition period, staff was able to access important accounts and do critical follow-ups through their mobile app. In many ways, mobile access brought stability to an unstable situation and helped the agency tremendously.

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With so many benefits, mobile access must be pricey – right? For Partner XE users, it’s already paid for! The mobile app is part of our monthly support and maintenance fee. After a small one-time fee installing from the app store, there is no extra cost to Partner XE clients.

SIS is committed to enhancing Partner XE, and especially our mobile app functionality. To find out more about what Partner XE can offer you and your agency, check out our features and contact us at [email protected].

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