On the Go Mobile AppsIt should be no surprise that many of the apps mentioned in our last post on electronic signatures boasted mobile capabilities to provide on-the-go access. More and more business is done on tablets or phones, and this is especially true with your potential and current clients. Doing business via mobile fulfills your clients’ need to make their interactions with your agency as quick and easy as possible, and increases your client satisfaction.

Mobile access means you can provide quotes, update client profiles and do prospect research anytime, speeding up processes and ensuring you don’t forget important info when you’re on the go. Many of the popular sites and programs your agency uses have mobile access, and you should start taking advantage of these apps to keep your agency ahead of the game.

Kelly Blue Book

This app gives access to quick auto insurance quotes, allowing you to provide clients with up-to-date info on rates instantly. You can search for the value of specific vehicles and read about new and used car prices, look at photos and compare vehicles easily. Kelly Blue Book’s app is free and can be accessed on any mobile device, including tablets.


Zillow has quickly become the best resource for concise property information, and its free app provides all the same great info in a mobile-friendly package. Each Zillow profiles shows an estimate on a property’s value, past and current owners, info on local schools and much more. With this app, you can compare process and property values and provide your clients with quick coverage quotes.


With this app, ACORD gives users access to commonly used forms. Users can view, complete, sign and send forms through this app, making it that much easier to turn prospects in to clients. It also provides capability to save incomplete forms for future use and is free for users of Cap Dat ACORD.


CamScanner turns your phone or tablet in to a portable scanner, allowing you to capture important documents using your device’s camera. The app provides cloud-based back-up, and gives you the ability to edit and share what you’ve “scanned”. CamScanner is also great for storing receipts and business cards when you’re traveling – and it’s free.

Partner XE Mobile

We couldn’t look at great mobile apps for your agency without talking about Partner XE’s mobile app.  Partner XE Mobile puts your agency management system in your hand and makes it accessible anytime, anywhere.  You can search for, view and edit client and prospect profile, and can place calls or e-mails simply by tapping the phone number or e-mail address in a given profile. Through the Partner XE Mobile claims feature, you can access claim numbers, dates, and statuses, making it easy to have the most up-to-date information – and it’s all free for Partner XE users.

To find out more about Partner XE mobile and Partner XE’s other great features, contact us at 800.747.9273 or sales@sisware.com

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