Getting Started with CLDLIf you’ve read our last two posts, you should by now be convinced that commercial lines downloads (CLDL) add value to your independent insurance agency. But if you have yet to make CLDL part of your agency, how do you get started? The following checklist will help ensure your agency is CLDL ready.

1. Make a plan –Decide who needs to know what, and when, and then create a timeline for implementation.

2. Get your carriers certified – Check with your agency management system provider to ensure the carriers you partner with are certified for download within their system (Check out Partner XE certified carriers here).

3. Talk with your carriers – Ensure all your carriers are on board with the process and get in contact with their help desk to go over details.

4. Test carrier downloads – Work with one carrier to test out the system. Be sure to choose one you have a good relationship with that has a large enough policy count to make an impact.

5. Stay in contact with your provider – Contact with your agency management system provider is crucial to CLDL success. Talk over the process with your provider and stay in touch during the implementation period to work out any issues that may evolve.

Get more details from ACORD’s “Commercial Lines Policy Detail Download – Agency Start-Up Guide”

As you can see, it takes some planning to get commercial lines downloads implemented in your agency. But, with the help of your agency management system provider, you will soon be on the road to success.

We at SIS are always happy to help our Partner XE clients as they set up for CLDL, and are ready and willing to answer questions and concerns. Contact us today with your questions, and we’ll be in touch!

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