You’ve got a great staff, excellent service, and a customer retention record that would make any agency owner jealous. But you’re still not bringing in new customers. Why? For many, the answer is your website. You know your website is the new storefront and number one place to attract new business, but no one new is visiting.

What’s the solution? These insurance marketing strategies can get you on the road to a quality website and steady traffic flow to grow your business.

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1. Have a good website

The best way to get people to your website is to make it somewhere they want to visit. That starts with creating a clean, easy to navigate homepage. Make the calls to action clear on this page. If you want visitors to check out your options, make a button that says “see our options” front and center. Do you want more requests for quotes? Have “request a quote” prominent on the homepage. Use simple language and contrasting colors to make it stand out.

2. Have something to see

Part of gaining traffic is keeping that traffic on your site. Have something for people to see: a blog to read, free report to download, or video to watch will all keep people on your site. Chatbots are another engaging tool that keeps prospects around. Utilize them to answer FAQs and connect visitors with the best staff member to keep them moving.

3. Offer a Client Portal

We’ve talked about the tools you need to gain customers in other posts, and website tools are part of these. One critical element is a Client Portal for current customers to access and edit their information right from your website. Client Portals give control to your customers, which is something they’re demanding. When prospects see a Client Portal option on your site, they’ll be more inclined to explore you as an option.

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4. Make it mobile ready

A mobile-ready website is a must-have in today’s digital economy. With more consumers accessing the web via a mobile device, you’ll get left behind if your site isn’t ready. Studies show that almost 75% of users are more likely to return to a site if it’s been “mobile optimized.” Don’t lose these return customers! Get your site ready for mobile and start seeing an increase in traffic.

5. Get reviews

Reviews not only show off your excellent service, but they also improve your reach. When someone writes a review on a site like Google Reviews, Yelp, or Angie’s List, you get a reputable link back to your website. Reach out to satisfied customers to ask for reviews and add a “rate and review us” option after each customer service experience to gain traction.

6. Leverage location

As an independent insurance agency, your locality is your specialty. Leverage that strength! Use plug-ins that update your content based on the visitor’s location. Keep your Google Maps page updated. Get connected with local community organizations, adding sponsorship to get your logo and link on their site. All of these measures can harness the power of your local expertise and influence.

7. Use social media

Love it, hate it, or feel neutral about it – no matter what you think about social media, it has an impact on your online presence. Use social media to draw people to your site. Include photos and videos to increase engagement and highlight the things that make your agency unique. Prospects are looking to connect with your agency, and social presence is the best way to form that connection.

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