Your agency is made up of people: each with unique personalities, preferences, and positions. So, why force each to use your insurance agency management system in the same way?

Different people and roles need different things from your agency management system. And your agency has different needs than other agencies. You’re an independent agency – you adapt to serve your local community. Shouldn’t your management system adapt to serve you?

Enter personalized workflows

Personalized workflows are just what they seem: system processes and views adjusted for your agency and your staff. Examples include:

  • Tailored naming conventions
  • Multiple pathways for a single process
  • Customized home screens

Each agency and person uses their management system differently. One natural differentiation is by roles – for example, producers have different priorities and daily needs than CSRs. Their agency’s management system should meet their varied need.

Adapt your system for each role


With a heavy sales focus, producers spend most of their time looking at prospect profiles, tracking “x” dates, and checking their commission reports. An ideal producer home screen shows a running to-do list and calendar – likely pulled up on a mobile app.  Producers also benefit from simple, straightforward workflows for viewing and editing profiles and reports.


Ideal customer service is quick and courteous. The last thing a CSR wants is to fumble around for information, growing more frustrated each minute. Streamlined paths and quick links to common procedures relieve stress, allowing reps to deliver the best service. Though each CSR home screen will look different, most will contain quick links to regular tasks, relevant customer profiles, and essential reports.


An owner or principal needs a 360-degree view of their agency – and they need it fast. A principal’s dashboard may contain accounting reports, new business reports, and producer stats among other items. Like a producer, principal-owners look for the quickest way to get the information they need, striving for intuitive management system data paths.

Find it all in one system

Meeting individual needs is what we do at Strategic Insurance Software. The Partner XE agency management system was created to serve agencies with built-in personalized workflows, easy reporting, and integrated accounting among other features. We believe in challenging the status quo: asking our customers what they need and delivering.

Find out more about the Partner XE system, including our customer-driven capabilities, at sispartnerplatform.com. Or, contact us at 800.747.7005, Option 6 or sales@sisware.com.

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