It’s never been fair for Generation X. Grouped between one of the largest generational groups (Baby Boomers) and another that remains tantalizingly interesting to marketers (Generation Y, aka Millennials), Gen X is the forgotten middle child.

Let them be forgotten no more! As an independent agency, you can’t afford to overlook any of these generational groups. Insurance agency marketing strategies need to span ages, keeping your client base diverse and dynamic. Check out these tips to help you reach this oft-missed group.

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Insurance Agency Marketing for Generation X

Born between the mid-1960s and early 1980s, Gen Xers are in the prime of their lives – meaning they are exceedingly busy. Gen Xers are advanced in their careers and families, so there is a lot to manage. They’re taking care of kids and their parents, planning for both college and retirement simultaneously. That being said, Generation X is looking for high-quality and high-value.

Some notable action areas for marketing to Generation X include:

  • Be an expert: a recent study from IBM found Gen X values experience and expertise. Whether through a blog post, whitepaper, or client story, members of Generation X want to see that you know what you’re doing and standout in your industry.
  • Emphasize quality: The same IBM study found those in Generation X look for quality products and customer service. Show off how you provide both!
  • Provide value: Gen Xers don’t have time to waste on a service or product that doesn’t bring value to their lives. Lay out your benefits using clear-cut data and facts.

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  • Do the right thing: Generation X isn’t as focused on societal consciousness and impact as Gen Y, but they do value honesty and integrity. Be authentic and trustworthy and they’ll be on your team.
  • Show off a deal: Gen Xers know how much they can spend and don’t plan on spending any more. Ways they can save a buck pays off (pun intended). When you’re able to provide discounts or reduced rates, offer them up!

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Span Generations with Marketing Automation

Gen X is just one of many generations you strive to reach as a growing independent agency. It can be tough to adapt to multiple needs – but tools like marketing automation can help. Through marketing automation you’re able to have a variety of messaging delivered in different ways depending on the person or persons you’re targeting. And, marketing automation tools can capture the data you need to inform future marketing strategies.

That’s why we added our Marketing Automation Manager to the Partner Platform. This powerful marketing automation tool syncs data in our Partner XE agency management system, keeping all your client and prospect information in one place.

See what agencies have to say about the Partner Platform on our Client Stories page. To go deeper, get in touch with an SIS team member at sales@sisware.com or 800.747.7005, Option 6.

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