If you’re still wondering how to improve your insurance agency marketing, the answer is: data.

While that one-word answer is simple, the process of gathering, analyzing, and acting on data isn’t so easy. But if you put in the effort, it’s worth it; that’s why Everest Company found data analytics use in the industry could quadruple in just one year.

With over 70% of consumers looking for insurance quotes online, the data is out there for you to capture. Get your team started with honed marketing by breaking data analytics down into five parts.

#1: Who are Your Customers?

As always, you start with the “who.” Who are your customers? You may think you know, but there is always more to learn. How old are they? Where do they live? Where are they in their careers? How do they like to communicate with you? These are just a few of the questions you can ask to get a picture of who you’re serving.

You want to know as much as possible about your customers so you can determine different ways to categorize them. Customer segmentation is a critical factor in executing a successful insurance marketing campaign. The more groups you can create, the more you can personalize each outreach experience.

#2: What Do Your Customers Want?

Part of understanding who your customers are is knowing what they want. Once you pay attention, it’s not too difficult to determine your customers’ preferences. Marketing automation data can show you different groups of customer communication preferences, and you can see what content resonated with them based on engagement. With that information, you can change your marketing tactics to coincide with their choices.

#3: Where are Customers Finding You?

Your insurance CRM and marketing automation can answer this question. Different customer segments will likely come to you from different places, and you’ll need to make yourself known in those spots. Possible origins could be a Google review, family or friend recommendation, or marketing email. Make sure you’re tracking and asking each new customer how they found you – the more you know, the better you can maximize your marketing presence.

#4: When is the Optimal Time to Contact Your Customers?

Once you know who you’re connecting with, where to find them, and what methods to use, you can further hone your outreach by understanding when to reach out. Again, each segment will have different preferences. For example, customers who like phone contact may prefer evenings and weekends, while those who like texting might want to get in touch weekday afternoons. The best times to reach out are not limited to the time of day and days of the week. It also includes the time of year or period in their policy cycle.

#5: Why do Your Customers Choose You?

Essentially, the last question to ask is, “Why us?” With so many options out there, what is it you offer as an agency that makes you stand out to your customers? You can gain this information through online surveys, but the best way is from personal outreach, asking the question (yes, people are still involved!). To make it easier on your customers, give them options – like “customer response time” or “personalized policy” – to increase the likelihood they’ll respond.

Gain and Process Data Better with Partner Platform

Gathering and analyzing data can seem overwhelming without the right tools. We equipped our Partner Platform agency management system and insurance CRM to simplify data collection and interpretation for our clients. The last thing you need as an agency is one more complex system with a litany of steps – Partner Platform is one robust system with straightforward, streamlined processes.

With our Partner Connect customer outreachProducer Results Manager CRM, and built-in Marketing Automation Manager, Partner Platform is one fully integrated data processing system. Plus, our customizable business insights make output just as easy as input when it comes to data.

Find out more about this robust yet simple management system experience: contact us at 800.747.7005, Option 6, or [email protected]

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