There’s no shortage of insurance prospecting software out there. But quantity does not equate quality. You need the right tools to match your prospect and customer needs to run a successful agency.

Our partners at Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America (Big “I”)’s Agents Council for Technology (ACT) have got you covered. They’ve outlined the customer experience and the independent agency technology necessary to make that experience fruitful.

Stage 1: Discover – Be Seen by Prospects

The first and most important element in your customer journey is being seen. Give prospects a place to look with a robust, mobile-friendly website. Your site should be easy to navigate and have essential info like hours of operation, FAQs, and contact info prominently displayed.

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Once you have a quality website, it’s critical to direct people to it using search engine optimization (SEO). Improve your SEO position by leveraging target keywords in your site’s text, specifically location-based keywords (i.e., Minnesota insurance agency). Improve SEO with regular site updates through dynamic pages like a blog or event calendar.

And, never underestimate the power of social media. Ensure you have a presence on the most popular platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) and engage with your audience. Share new and relevant content from your website or blog, promote staff and community engagement, and look into social media advertising to give you an extra boost.

Stage 2: Evaluate – Provide brand info for informed decision-making

Once a potential customer lands on your website or social page, they immediately begin evaluating you as a prospective agency. Make it easy for them to discover your agency values, giving glimpses into your brand with client stories and feedback from current customers. Highlight quality ratings and ask people to review you on Google, Yelp, and other review sites. The more a prospect can see on current customer experiences, the better.

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Stage 3: Purchase – Make it easy to buy

Do whatever you can to reduce barriers to purchase. Make “request a quote” prominent on your website and ensure the policy creation and signing process is seamless. Esiganture apps and integrated proposal creators are both ideal to facilitate a smooth interaction. Make it easy for prospects to connect with you as well, whether it’s through an online chat, mobile app, or other system.

Stage 4: Experience – Grow and build relationships

The customer journey doesn’t end after purchase. You need to cultivate customer relationships, keeping them engaged with your agency. Use communication tools like integrated texting and marketing automation to maintain regular, personalized interactions with your customers. Client portals and agency apps can also keep them connected and informed.

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Stage 5: Renew and Refer – Watch for opportunities to gain and sustain customers

Always be on the look-out for renewal and referral opportunities. Keep track of your customers with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool and leverage integrated proposal creators to offer multiple options, fast. Comparative raters also come in handy, allowing you to target the best offer for your customers and prospects. Finally, make it easy for referrals to flow to you by asking for a review or referral right after positive experiences (i.e., after an issue is resolved or a customer renewed with a better rate).

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