Selling is essential to growing your agency. A critical element to sales is understanding how prospective customers think and act. In our experience with Partner Platform agencies, many don’t have the best tools to follow how a prospect moves to a client in the “buyer’s journey.” This fairly predictable path has some critical points where you can either move or lose a potential customer.

We’ve thought about the buyer’s journey a lot here at SIS as we introduce new Partner Platform elements to help agencies succeed at each stage. With the help of our parent company, sales as a service provider NuGrowth Solutions, we’ve matched Partner Platform elements with the buyer’s journey in the table below.

Use this resource to inform your agency on how to leverage Partner Platform to move prospects from one stage to the next

Following the Buyer’s Journey with Partner Platform

Stage Description Partner Platform Tool
Unengaged Just a name on a list. This prospect hasn’t engaged with any element of your marketing or sales outreach. Partner Connect, Marketing Automation Manager
Marketing Engaged Prospects who engaged with some marketing content. These individuals need their interest nurtured to gain more data for sales scoring. Marketing Automation Manager
Marketing Qualified Those showing strong marketing engagement and are ready to move on to sales outreach. Marketing Automation Manager, Producer Results Manager
Sales Engaged Prospect who are in touch with your sales team and being actively nurtured for conversion. Producer Results Manager
Active Opportunity Someone who expressed interest in buying and are engaged at some level in the sales process. Producer Results Manager, Proposal Creator
Customer Customers need attention, too! Once they’re on-board, customers should be re-engaged regularly and monitored for cross-sell and referral opportunities. Partner Connect (Client Portal, Agency Mobile App), Marketing Automation Manager


An All-in-One Sales, Marketing, and Agency Management Tool

Beyond these sales and marketing specific capabilities, each stage in the buyer’s journey also benefits from Partner Platform’s integrated email and custom workflows to make data entry simple.

It’s hard to believe one system could have all these capabilities, but Partner Platform truly does cover agency needs across the sales, marketing, and agency management spectrum.

Find out more about each of our Partner Platform enhancements below – all integrated with our cloud-based, intuitive management system.

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