If you’re like most independent insurance agencies, you’ve got service down. Referrals are coming in thanks to your stellar performance, but it’s still not enough to keep your pipeline flowing. You need to invest in the right insurance systems and strategies to gain the leads you need to grow. We’ve got you covered.

5 Steps to Gain Insurance Leads

Let’s start with the steps to take. Surprisingly, it’s not as complicated as you’d think to put a lead generation and conversion plan into place.

  1. Get Data. Find out what your current customers are responding to, get to know what’s bringing in prospects, and have a place to store all of it. You can also leverage market research, conducting your own, or hiring an outside provider to get a pulse on what’s happening in your market.
  2. Analyze Data. Use that data you’ve gathered to find out what’s working and what’s not. And, identify different prospect segments: look for groupings like lost opportunities, client proximity, or similar policy needs. Studies show marketers have seen up to a 760% increase in email revenue thanks to segmentation.
  3. Create a plan. Now that you know what’s working and the groupings you need to target, define how you’ll do it. Establish targeted outreach campaigns for each segment, including a defined outreach script, cadence, and marketing content.

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  1. Ready your team. A plan is only as good as those who execute it. Help your team understand the how and why of your outreach strategy and assign producers to enact specific prospect segment strategies. Consider bringing in an experienced development team to train and coach your team as you start up: this defined, strategic methodology may be a new and uncomfortable approach at first.
  2. Assess results and repeat. Keep track of how each element of your strategies are performing. Use quantitative data from stats like click-through or meeting set rates, but don’t make it your only source. Leverage your producers to get qualitative feedback on conversations and what prospects are saying. Keep tracking, recording, and analyzing your results, making adjustments along the way to continually improve performance.

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The Top 3 Insurance Systems You Need to Gain Leads

So, you need to track, store, and analyze data – but where? With what? How? There are three systems you need to gain the necessary data and sales insights.

  1. Marketing Automation. Designed to streamline and automate marketing tasks, marketing automation helps you create and implement targeted outreach campaigns and track results.
  2. Customer Relationship Management system (CRM). CRMs bring together the quantitative and qualitative data you need in a one-stop-shop for your prospect information. Leverage a CRM to implement targeted outreach strategy and record detailed data on outcomes. And, a CRM keeps you on track with maintaining outreach through reminders and updates.
  3.  Integrated communication tools. Specifically, integrated texting and email tools. With integrated communication tools, you’re guaranteed to capture every conversation in your CRM for easy reference and data analysis.

Get the Sales Tools You Need from Partner Platform

We’ve brought all the sales tools your agency needs to one system with Partner Platform. Our Partner XL sales and marketing system brings our Marketing Automation Manager and Producer Results Manager CRM together in one system, so you don’t need to import and export management system data for sales. And, our integrated email and texting sync all your communications in one place.

Beyond these tools, Partner Platform comes equipped with top-of-the-line reporting and analytics, customized for the insurance agency, and targeted system training to help get you up and running.

Discover how the Partner Platform system and the team can work for you. Get in touch at [email protected] or 800.747.7005, Option 6, to find out more.

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