As we wrote in our February post “Marketing with Partner XE” customer retention must be a high priority for any independent insurance agent who wants a profitable book of business. We wrote that communicating regularly with customers is one way of keeping them loyal and talked about how to use features in Partner XE to facilitate that process. We also alluded briefly to Social Media as one piece of an overall integrated marketing strategy.

Today we’d like to share an example of how insurers are using Social Media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook not only to keep their names in front of customers , but also to provide them with better service.

Marguerite Tortorello wrote in a recent edition of National Underwriter P & C, that “The latest tornadoes offer a case study of how communications between insurers and the public have dramatically changed—and how this transformation is helping insurers provide better customer service to those in need.”

She went on to give specific instances of insurers who used Social media to keep customers informed — from Alfa Insurance who posted a YouTube video on storm claims, to Amica Insurance who tweeted tips on tornado preparedness. Read the full post… We hope you’ll get some good ideas!

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