A McKinsey study uncovered two critical digital insurance facts: digital has reduced claims expenses by up to 30% and increased customer satisfaction by more than 20%.

Serving customers better and decreasing cost? That’s music to any owner’s ears. Yet, some are still hesitant to embrace digital methods for fear they’ll make a quintessentially personal interaction impersonal.

Agency owners are right to protect that personalized customer experience: an Accenture study found 1/3rd of customers surveyed ended their relationship with a company because it felt impersonal. However, digital insurance doesn’t have to be impersonal – multiple digital agency features can increase personal interactions and overall improve service.

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Digital Insurance Must-Haves for Personalized Service

  1. Marketing automation to create audience segments and deliver custom content based on customer and prospect interactions.
  2. Client portal explicitly designed for the customer to serve their direct needs. Up to 90% of consumers surveyed by Microsoft said they expect companies to have an online portal for service.

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  1. Agency-branded app to foster a close connection to your agency. With an agency app, customers can send info instantly and get quick updates via mobile.
  2. Mobile website for prospects and customers to access a client portal, request a quote, or find your contact info easily on their mobile device. Mobile matters – a Sweor study showed more than half of people wouldn’t recommend a business if its mobile website access is poor.
  3. Texting integration with your agency management system or CRM. Use texts for quick connection to settle claims, check-in with a prospect, or wish a client a happy birthday to stay engaged.

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Making the Digital Personal with Partner Platform

All of these digital insurance elements are designed to improve customer relationships. They help you respond quickly and accurately, leveraging digital integrations to personalize messaging almost instantly. And, each is part of our Partner Platform agency management suite.

Access an intuitive, cloud-based management system with digital insurance features like a Client Portal and Agency-Branded App today – get in touch with us at 800.747.7005, Option 6 or sales@sisware.com.

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