keep_costs_downIf you’re not using technology in your independent insurance agency, you’re behind. Technology doesn’t just mean a cell phone and laptop either. These are now essential parts of doing business. Tech must be integrated in all aspects of your agency – from sales, to acquisitions, customer service, and marketing. The most up-to-date systems and versions are an important part of ensuring you stay relevant, especially considering the sophistication and budget of the large captive agencies.

But, we all know the cost of tech can be pretty staggering. To make matters worse, if you’re not a techie it’s hard to tell what to spend and where to spend it. We’ve put together a few quick tips to help you make the most of your tech dollars, so your agency can make your tech spending efficient and sustainable.

Start with the essentials.

If you’re feeling behind, start by equipping your agency with essential tech items first. These include document sharing and backup, eSignature software, an agency mobile app, and up-to-date hardware (computers, printer, scanners, etc.)

Put it in your budget.

Start saving for tech updates now. By making updates and new purchases a normal part of your budgeting, you can easily invest in new tech when it comes along.

Consult with colleagues.

Check in with other agency owners to see what they value. Ask around in your agency management system user group to get ideas of where others feel they are getting the most return for their investment. These individuals can also be helpful in giving you an idea of what to budget for your tech uses.

Be aware and compare.

Always, always do your research before making a tech purchase. Shop around, ask questions, and check out online reviews. Look for something that will last and, if possible, get with a provider that updates their product frequently. By having the latest versions, you’ll be sure to stay on top of the tech game.

Your agency management system provider is one place where you should get frequent system updates. We at SIS stay on top of the game, listening to our clients and watching the latest trends to keep our Partner XE ahead of the tech curve. To see about our most recent updates, check out our capabilities or contact us today!

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