choosing techIn our last posts, we focused on the technology you need to run your agency efficiently: the essentials and the most costly. Now we take a look at that looming question: how do you know if you’re getting the best? With so many options out there for any hardware or software, it’s hard to know which will work best for your agency. You can ask the provider the right questions, but if you rely on the provider’s insight alone, you may not get the entire picture. In the end, you need to do your own research. To help you on your quest for the best, we’ve complied some tech review sites to get you started.


CNet provides detailed, in depth reviews on everything from storage and backup systems to web hosting. It is best known for its critical look at hardware such as laptops, smartphones, and printers.

PC Mag

Like CNet, PC Mag is reliable and well known, and offers reviews on hardware, storage/back up, etc. Unlike CNet, PC Mag also provides reviews on software (i.e. eSignature) making it a better bet for more industry-specific items.


BitSight has a specific focus: security. It is focused on rating vendors on their security history and current practices. This is a great site for reviewing vendors that deal with sensitive data and personal information.


This site focuses specifically on the needs of small businesses, including technology. You can find ratings on accounting software, VoIP, web hosting and a variety of other essentials items. Although not as well known, FitSmallBusiness’ small business lens is what makes it stand out.

User Groups

One of the best places to get targeted, honest reviews is from your agency management system’s user group. In this forum, you can get honest reviews on all kinds of technology and ask any question you want. Since hearing from individuals who have similar needs to you, you’ll be able to get targeted advice and suggestions. Our Partner XE users group, NASPA , provides just such a venue for question, advice, and conversation on any and all aspects of running your independent insurance agency. In addition, we provide frequent training webinars, and personalized training as needed. To find out more about what SIS and Partner XE have to offer, contact us today!

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