Client self-service portals are not just essential insurance agency software; they’re part of the global consumer-based business market. According to Microsoft, 90% of consumers worldwide expect organizations to offer a self-service portal. And a Zendesk survey showed 67% prefer a self-service portal to talking with a representative. These stats are not surprising as a self-service portal offers multiple benefits to consumers and businesses alike.

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Self-Service Portal Benefits

  • Speed: Provides quick access to commonly requested resources (insurance cards, policy coverage, claims status) without the delay and expense of working through a representative
  • Access: Self-service portals are open 24/7 to give customers the service they need right when they need it
  • Security: Portals capture error-free info on transactions, saving from E&O headaches later
  • Efficiency: Eliminates wait time to speed up processes and frees up time for CSRs to devote to issues requiring a human touch
  • Savings: Saves on the cost of printing and mailing documents and reduces drain on resources
  • Better service: Gives customers real-time views of policy and claims status among other processes, so they feel confident their needs are being met

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What to Include in Your Client Portal

Before you get started on creating your agency self-service client portal, take steps to include these vital elements:

  1. Intuitive design to make it easy for customers to find what they need, bringing high-access items like “submit a claim” and “view/update policy” to the forefront
  2. Mobile access so customers can use the portal on their phone or tablet for true “anytime, anywhere” access
  3. FAQ/Knowledgebase center to give customers answers to common questions and learn how to navigate the portal
  4. Integration with management system for smooth transfer of data
  5. Data security to keep your customer data safe from cyber attacks

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Get the Client Portal Experience with Partner Platform

As part of our personalized digital experience, the Partner Platform system offers an agency branded client self-service portal fully integrated with our cloud-based Partner XE agency management system. And, like all Partner Platform elements, the portal is easy to navigate, customizable, and secure thanks to our CompTIA Security Trustmark+ approved infrastructure.

Discover how Partner Platform can bring your agency efficiency, security, and service: learn more and schedule a demo at 800.747.7005, Option 6, or [email protected].

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