Congratulations – you’ve finally hired someone for that position! No more resumes or interviews to wade through; you’ve got someone in that spot.

But, now they’ve got questions: Where’s my desk? Who do I report to? How do I use your agency management system? What are our goals?

The on-boarding process is just beginning. And it’s a critical piece to employee, and agency, success. In those first few weeks and months, you and your staff need to help your new hire become part of the team.

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The process can be more difficult for independent agencies, many of which are family-owned and operated. How do you explain what has become second nature for your staff?

Start with three simple steps.

3 Steps to Training a New Employee on your Agency Management System

  1. Create a New Hire Training Program
  2. Leverage your Agency Management Systems Resources
  3. Set Goals and Give Feedback

Create a New Hire Training Program

“If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin

One of my high school teachers put this up the day before every test. It rang true to me then and rings true now in preparing for a new hire. If you want new employees to hit the ground running, you have to prepare the ground.

[bctt tweet=”If a new hire fails in the first few weeks or months, it may not be the fault of the hire.” username=””]Lack of clear and concise directions puts them on unstable footing. A training program does the opposite. Put together a program covering agency management system training and organizational/culture training. Both are essential to your new hire’s acclimation to the agency.

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Leverage your Agency Management Systems Resources

You don’t have to create a plan and administer training all on your own. Agency management system providers have resources to help new employees adjust to the system. Reach out to your provider to explore your options.

At SIS, we offer an online learning management system and in-person training sessions. Our agencies have access to video tutorials, a test Partner XE for new hire practice, and free one-on-one webinar or in-person training for all new employees. See what your provider has to offer and integrate these pieces into your training plan.

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Set Goals and Give Feedback

New employees need the most direction and feedback. Help your new hire stay on the right learning path: set achievable goals and make time to meet and discuss progress and questions. This set-up allows you to measure the employee’s success. It also helps new hires measure their own success, building confidence and keeping them motivated.

Feedback should be both positive and constructive. Habits are formed early. Encourage positive habits and discourage negative ones. Such constructive feedback helps you mold new hires into the employees you need for success.

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Continue to Grow your Agency

Each new hire is an opportunity to grow your agency. Establishing expectations and solidifying procedures and workflows early on sets each new hire up for positive growth, benefitting them and your agency. If all your employees are on the path to growth, your agency will be, too.

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