New YearThere is a reason why so many people make resolutions before the start of a new year: a blank slate. The idea that you can start anew is liberating, and holds so much promise for success. You and your independent insurance agency can take advantage of this new beginning by establishing new habits for the New Year. Here are a few new habits to get you started:

1. Be service minded – Think of your clients first! Start off the New Year by reprioritizing your clients, and recommitting to providing the best service. Get a read on how you can improve by asking for feedback from clients via a survey or personal phone calls. Once you have the results, set goals for improvements and start working towards making your clients number one.

2. Get a routine – Work towards structure in your day to ensure you get things done and stay sane. It’s best to start out your day by checking messages and cleaning out your inbox and then jumping in to tasks. Be sure to be realistic about how much time you need for a task, and schedule in breaks – you’re going to need a moment to recharge to stay efficient.

3. Commit to something new – There is always room for improvement, and your agency is no exception. Brainstorm with your staff to set goals to better your agency, and start working towards one or two goals for the year. Start with small pieces to the larger goal and chip away daily to make a big change.

4. Communicate early and often – Communication is the key to good relationships. Whether it be with coworkers or clients, listening to understand and giving immediate feedback create a connection that is mutually beneficial. By committing to communicate early and often, you can insure information is flowing and that everyone is on the same page: a recipe for great results.

5. Get organized – It’s amazing how far a little bit of organization can go! Start small by cleaning off your desk, and moving to cleaning out your desk and office. Keep the organization flowing by keeping a calendar using your smartphone, a planner or any other method that works for you. By committing to organization, you’ll find you’re able to get more done and feel better doing it.

One of the best ways to get organized is through your agency management system. We at SIS know that your agency management system is an excellent organizational tool, and we’ve ensured our Partner XE has what you need to use it as such. To find out more about how Partner XE can get you organized, check out our website or contact us at 800.747.9273 or [email protected].

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