Our last post focused on targeting. This one will focus on how to open your clients’ and prospects’ eyes to what you have to offer.

Even when marketing to a targeted list, it is not likely that everyone will be ready to buy right away. The trick is to start the conversation – to open eyes and ears to the benefits of your solution by providing education based content that makes buyers think about all the reasons why they SHOULD be interested.

As business growth expert, Chet Holmes wrote in his book, “The Ultimate Sales Machine,” at any given time only 3% of people are actually buying, another 6-7% are open to it 30% aren’t thinking about it, 30% don’t think they are interested, and 30% know they are not interested.

Given this information, your job is to create a message which will pique the interest of all involved.

Don’t just sell your product or service. Provide credible information that validates the need for your solution.

An education-based sales approach removes the prospects’ initial apprehensions and replaces them with a level of trust.

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