No matter the size or number of roles in an independent insurance agency, there is a common goal: gain and retain customers to grow business. Each piece in the well-oiled agency machine must be at peak operation to meet this goal. To help you do your best in your role, whatever it may be, we’ve compiled a list of insurance industry resources to get you and your agency to peak performance.


CSRs are the foundation of good service as the “face of the agency” to customers. In this role, individuals focus on how to solve problems quickly and strategically, with a smile. Check out these resources for CSRs:

  • Wow24-7 Blog: Wow24-7 is a customer support service providing training and tools for businesses of all sizes. Their blog offers practical, easy to digest tips on everything from what to say to customers to the best tools to improve your service. Get answers to your burning questions and find some quick reads to help you improve your daily practices.
  • WinTheCustomer: Penned by Flavio Martins, a 15-year veteran of the customer service industry, this blog is jam-packed with expert tips.  Martins shares long-range techniques and overall strategy. A great addition to your professional development repertoire.

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Whether you’re acting as an agent serving only your agency or as a broker, you want to stay on top of your leads and gain more as you go. These resources provide tools and tactics to help you get out there: discovering sales opportunities and closing the deal.

  • Sitkins Group Blog: With more than 35 years’ experience consulting agencies, Sitkins maintains a well-regarded training program for producers with independent agencies. Their blog is geared towards principles and producers and is full of well-tested advice.
  • Miller Heiman Group Blog: Miller Heiman serves areas beyond insurance, but their tips translate well to industry needs. The blog hits on customer experiences, tips to improve selling, and overall strategy.

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Whether accounting is part of the owner’s role or a standalone position, whoever manages accounting needs to stay on top of new tools and methods. Use these sites to save time without sacrificing accuracy.

  • The CPA Desk: This site hits on practical how-tos and overarching culture and managerial methods. Check out their short videos when you have a few minutes to sharpen your skills.
  • Accounting Coach: Touted as the place to “learn accounting for free,” this site gives great lessons, sorted by topic, for accountants at any stage. The easy-to-digest explanations will improve what you’re doing and help explain the “what”, “why”, and “how” to others in your agency as needed.

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As an owner, you need the overall view of what’s happening in your agency. Your role is more about how to interpret what’s going on and manage the people involved. Check out these resources to help you streamline operations and gain more business.

  • Sell Term Life: Jeff Root is an agency owner who shares the day-to-day lessons he’s learned from years in the business. A great blog from an owner, for owners.
  • Agency Nation Radio: Get weekly updates from Marty Agather and Ryan Hanley on the latest agency news. A great listen on your drive in or while you’re on your way to meeting with customers and partners. 

Have resources to add to our list? Get in touch with us! And check out even more industry resources at https://sispartnerplatform.com/blog.

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