We at SIS are proud to roll out our latest management system update with Partner XE 2017. We continue to challenge the status quo with this latest release, and the origin of each enhancement resonates that sentiment.

We’ve said it time and again, but it bears repeating that each Partner XE update comes right from our clients. Here’s the story behind some of the elements in our latest release:

FLOOD Personal and Commercial Lines Support

This policy build came from Partner XE agencies who support a significant number of FLOOD policies. Our team found all-policy information support from FLOOD carriers would improve policy processes for these agencies and improve their client service. It was a no-brainer to add such support.

We worked with these agencies to tailor the update to their needs. Beyond adding support for policy details and download, we addressed process and workflow to best support agencies selling and serving FLOOD policies.

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New Production Analysis Reports

These new reports came out of the Partner XE community Accounting and Reporting Workgroups. Such workgroups bring agencies together to talk about how Partner XE works for them and provide critical feedback on improvements. Workgroup members tested each report, provided feedback, and ultimately decided on the best format to release to the Partner XE community.

Hide Employee Feature

This update came from our new clients, many of whom kept seeing old employees in their database after conversion. Our team added the ability to hide employees to better the implementation process and overall Partner XE experience.

IVANS Market Appetite Integration

Partner XE users already benefit from integration with the IVANS Transformation Station, but we continue to hear a call for further IVANS connections. We’ve boosted that connection by adding IVANS’s Market Appetite feature. This new product helps agencies identify carriers outside their preferred network, offering different risk protection. This expansion in coverage options means more choice for customers and more business for our clients.

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Service Team Inspired Updates

Many of our updates came right from our service team, who are committed to giving Partner XE users a smooth experience. Our team is always watching for ways to streamline daily transactions and eliminate clicks, ensuring Partner XE is easier and more efficient to use. Based on their daily interactions with the Partner XE community, the team identified enhancements to make users’ lives easier. Some of these improvements include:

  • Updated ACORD forms
  • Revamped Notes & To Do Lists
  • Enhanced existing reports
  • Improved RealTime functions, including endorsement bridging

We know that when it comes to your agency management system, every click counts. Our goal is to continually make Partner XE faster, smarter, and easier, eliminating as many clicks as possible. To find out more about SIS and our Partner XE community, connect with us at [email protected] or 800.747.7005, Option 6.

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