kirk-haldemanKirk Haldeman’s Pittsburgh, PA-based agency Pinnacle Group has been serving the Pittsburgh area since 1915. Kirk and his team employ hands-on, personalized care to their customers, providing the best service by the best means possible. But, with a growing customer base and a small staff, Kirk soon realized they needed a better insurance management system solution to keep up their quality.

So, Kirk began his search for a new management system and provider. He was looking for a flexible system to allow his agency to automate processes and work remotely. His 15-year provider simply wasn’t fitting the bill. After asking for improvements and hearing “it’ll cost you,” he was relieved to encounter Partner XE and the team at SIS.

“With Partner XE, we found that flexible solution we were looking for, with the right features for our business,” said Kirk. After SIS President Michael Doran met with Kirk to personally answer questions and walk through solutions, he was sold. And he’s been recommending SIS and Partner XE ever since.

We sat down with Kirk to hear what led him to SIS and Partner XE. In our conversation we covered:

  • Vetting a management system provider
  • Finding a flexible system to fit agency needs
  • Transitioning to a new management system
  • Getting organized in your management system

You can read our entire conversation on our client stories page.

Curious about what Kirk saw in SIS and Partner XE? Get in touch with an SIS team member at 800.747.7005, Option 6 or sales@sisware.com to find out. We look forward to hearing from you.