Security Threat CloudAs our lasts posts explored, cyber-attacks and data breaches have become all but commonplace, and your agency needs to step up security in order to protect your data. However, with so much on your plate already it may seem impossible to ensure your data stays protected. Doing your research and keeping informed on threats helps, but it can only do so much. It’s important to ensure all data coming through your agency is secure.

The best place to keep your data safe today is in the cloud. Cloud storage is convenient, and it offers top notch security to keep your most important information safe. Here are just a few reasons why the cloud is your best option for data protection:

  1. Encryption is standard. Multi-character, complex passwords secure your data. It would take forensic software and hours of work to crack just one of these passwords.
  2. Access is limited. Many hackers gain entry to data through web searches or downloads, but such actions do not occur in the cloud. Data comes in and out only through closely monitored access points.
  3. Location is secure. Cloud providers work hard to ensure their facilities are located in areas safe from natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, and wildfires.
  4. Updates are automatic. Good cloud providers are automatically updating your information so you don’t have to worry about whether or not your latest data is protected.
  5. Vigilance is constant. No matter how much you think about and focus on security, your cloud provider is always doing more. By updating defenses as vulnerabilities are discovered and constantly monitoring the safety of your data, your cloud provider is ensuring you have the best quality protection.

By placing your data in the safe hands out the cloud, you can rest assured you’ve done your best to stay protected. SIS knows the power of cloud security, which is why we utilize the best cloud security for all our Partner XE users.

Find out more about our cloud storage here or contact us at 800.747.9273 to find out more about how SIS focuses on data security and safety.

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