As your agency transitions back to “business as usual,” you’ll likely focus on how to gain new clients and serve current clients better. We hope this list of our recent posts on how to gain insurance clients can help.

This year, we at SIS have focused on building out our already robust Partner Platform sales, marketing, and service solutions. Innovations like our Client Portal, Agency Mobile App, custom agency website offering, Producer Results Manager CRM, and Marketing Automation Manager all grew out of an emphasis on helping our Partner Platform agencies serve their clients better.

We’ve also written a wealth of content on how to get insurance clients. We invite you to take a look at some of our more powerful posts to help your agency restart, jump-start, or refresh your prospecting.

1. The Insurance CRM –The Top 6 Reasons You Need it to Stay Relevant in the Market

SIS Product Manager Adam Rapp looks at what a CRM is, what it does, and why it’s relevant to businesses of all sizes. Discover how your agency can save time, increase productivity, and better understand clients all with this one tool.

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2. Must-Have Agency Software: Self-Service Portal

We dive deep into another essential agency tool: the self-service online portal. See how this innovative technology benefits your clients and your agency and what to include in your custom client portal.

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3. Top Agency Management System Customer Service Tools: Mobile App

Mobile apps now fill the screens of every smartphone, helping users manage finances, purchase items online, and get some entertainment. See how a mobile app can help your customers manage their policy and your agency streamline operations.

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4. Insurance Agency Marketing for the Generations (2020)

Your agency needs to serve at least four generations, yet each has a different communication preference and policy requirement. How can you cater to each generation? We’ve outlined tips and tools to help you bring in business from Baby Boomers to Generation Z. 

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5. The Right Data to Make a Good Decision: 6 Data Points to Improve Insurance Agency Marketing

Companies that leverage data collection and analysis are twice as likely to be more profitable than the average competitor. Your agency can see the same results by harnessing your data to gain insights on how customers interact with you, what service they want, and other critical information. Discover six ways to take the data you already have and put it into action.

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6. Insurance Prospecting Software (and Other Tools) to Match the Customer Experience

One of the biggest struggles agencies face is how to gain new customers. There is a wealth of technology that can help, but many hesitate to utilize it due to a lack of understanding on how it can generate and convert leads. In this post, we map out how tech like a CRM or marketing automation software can be used to bring in new clients and grow current ones.

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7. What Your Customers Want: Changes in Expectations in The Digital Insurance Age

These days, the majority of U.S. businesses and consumers connect via digital platforms. This jump to a digitized world has many effects, including what your customers expect from your agency. We dive into these expectations and the solutions for filling these new needs.

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Want to get more insights on how your agency can improve operations and bolster service? Check out all our posts on everything from Agency Operations and Change Management to Technology Trends and Cyber Security.

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