As an independent insurance agency, your local presence is central to who you are, what you represent, and your overall value. Unlike large, national agencies, you have the ability to know your customers personally, and knowing your community is a big part of that connection. In order to know more about your local area, your agency needs to take intentional steps to become engaged in and support your community. Here are some great ways to get started:

    1. 1. Identify Needs

Pay attention to and find out about the biggest needs in your city or town. Is it education? Neighborhood beautification? Unemployment? Once you know the areas of need, get involved in ways to help address such issues. By taking on issues of importance, you show you care about investing in what your community really needs.

    1. 2. Ask Questions

Survey your customers: find out what they expect from you and what they want to see in their neighborhood. Even this simple task of asking conveys your level of concern, and shows your customer’s opinion matters to you. Use the information you gather to inform changes you’ll make and specific ways you’ll give back to your community.

    1. 3. Make a Plan

As always, it is important to create a plan to ensure your whole agency is involved in your community on a regular basis. Start with the goal in mind, such as improving your local elementary school. Your plan could involve organizing fundraisers, volunteering at school events, or regularly collecting supplies such as pencils and notebooks for donation. Make sure your plan is sustainable – meaning your agency has the time and funds to be involved to the degree you decide.

    1. 4. Partner Up

Get to know and work with organizations and individuals who are well known in your locality. This could be community government members, local nonprofits, or community activists. Take the time to build relationships with these individuals and organizations, as they are your key to connecting and being in the know about what is going on in your community.

    1. 5. Spread the Word

Once you’ve started engaging in and meeting the needs of your community, make sure your customers and potential customers know. Blog about your involvement, include references in your advertising, and get your agency’s name on charity event banners and flyers. Don’t be shy! At the least, be sure you include a page on your website detailing your commitment to your community and how you show it.

Once you get to know your area and engage in community happenings, your brand awareness will increase and you’ll find your agency buzzing with new leads. Each lead is a potential customer, but conversion from lead to customer rests on the relationship you build with that individual.

Our Partner XE has a host of capabilities to help you keep track of new leads, and stay on top of your current customers relationships. By building and fostering these relationships, you’ll create life-long customers, meaning stability and longevity for your agency. To find out more about how Partner XE can help you create these lasting customer relationships, contact us today at 800.747.9273.

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