Partner XE Boston Agency Management System User Conferenc

Strategic Insurance Software (SIS) will host a one-day regional workshop in Boston, Massachusetts on Monday, March 10. Agency owners, office managers, and CSRs are invited to attend at 1100 Crown Colony Drive, Quincy, MA. Participant-driven discussion and valuable training will be offered, as will ample networking opportunities.

Partner XE users interested in attending can register by clicking the following link: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/regional-partner-xe-user-workshop-tickets-10005206843.

Sponsored by Arbella Insurance Group, it will be the first regional conference held in the northeast. A plethora of new agencies are slated to take part in the one day meeting, which is intended to help clients maximize Partner XE for their agency.  This event follows well-attended events in St. Louis, Missouri and Columbus, Ohio, and comes before the national user conference scheduled to be held April 24-25, 2014.  Breakfast, lunch and free parking for attendees are also included.

According to Tami Scott, SIS Director of Client Services, these user-driven conferences provide multiple benefits to attendees. “We want to give the users the opportunity to learn more about the system…that’s why we bring Partner XE to them to make it a more convenient alternative to traveling farther for training.”

This conference will provide agencies with a chance to interact with other agencies that use Partner XE, and learn how to improve the workflows they build both inside and outside the system. Marketing, reporting, and many other topics will be focused on.

Scott believes that these peer-education oriented sessions promote education for everyone involved.” It helps to get out into the field to see what users are doing… we can pass what we learn onto staff to better address customer needs.”

Representatives from the agencies in the region are encouraged to initiate topics for the group. This interactive conference will center on what the attendees choose to cover. The SIS team will start the discussion, but the goal is for the agents involved to take the topics selected and run with them. Scott adds that “People tend to only learn what they need to know. This conference will encourage our users to think outside of that and reach the next level of understanding.”

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