SIS Integrated Systems
Collaboration and cooperation are synonymous with success. Efficiency and innovation are a direct result of teamwork, as many individuals work towards a common goal. So, why are we hesitant to foster the same connectivity and cohesion with our agency systems?

Integrated systems hold the power to increase productivity by streamlining information from multiple sources. In the insurance industry, agencies benefit from integrated accounting, email, and carrier systems operating out of one agency management system. Such integration leads to many levels of savings.

SAVE TIME. Instead of entering client information repeatedly in different programs, integrated systems simply sync the info after one entry. Client, carrier, and agent profiles in integrated systems contain everything you need to know in one spot. From email correspondences to recent payments, it’s all rolled in to one space.

SAVE HEADACHES. When all your agency’s systems work together, you cut down on duplicate entries. Each profile is only entered one time in one place, freeing up space on your server. By providing a full picture, integrated systems make it easier to catch E & O issues before they turn in to big problems.

SAVE MONEY.  It’s obvious integrated systems are a money saver due to the increased efficiency, but that’s not the only benefit. In most cases, agencies will pay less for a single, integrated system over purchasing each on its own.

SIS KNOWS INTEGRATION. We at SIS know and embrace the power of quality integrated systems, as evidenced in our latest Partner XE 2015, which offers built in Outlook, real time downloads, and accounting integration. Our integration isn’t just an “all in one”, but all of the best working together.

One Partner XE client said of the system: “You do one thing and it automatically takes care of several others. The continuity of the workflow is great… and we have a permanent record of activity attached to any client or policy.”

Want to find out how integrated systems can benefit your agency? Contact us today, or check out what other Partner XE users have to say on our Client Stories page. We look forward to hearing from you!

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