Some say lost leads are never found, but savvy agency owners know the truth. Circling back to “lost” leads is a vital step in a successful agency development strategy. Studies show only 5-10% of leads convert in the first pass, meaning there are many well-qualified doors to knock on again.

Over half of businesses surveyed said their leads have a long conversion timeline, meaning many can be mistaken for lost when they simply need more time. The same is true in the insurance industry. With the right insurance prospecting software and strategies, your agency can target these seemingly “lost” leads.

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Top Insurance Prospecting Software and Strategies

To stay on top of leads lost, you need the right strategies and software to gain and track opportunities. Some top strategies and the software you need to execute them include:

  1. Track engagement & personalize messaging (Tool: Marketing Automation)

Leverage marketing automation to keep tabs on the content you’ve shared and each opportunity’s engagement with it. Utilize this data to send targeted, personalized information to leads, speeding up their progress in the buyer’s journey.

  1. Be mobile ready (Tool: Agency-branded mobile app)

Ensure your website is mobile-ready and provide an app to increase mobile engagement. Close to 60% of consumers said they wouldn’t recommend a business with poor mobile access. Not only will you gain more leads with better mobile, but you’ll also save yourself from unintentionally losing leads in a growing mobile market.

  1. Track progress & keep on task (Tool: Customer Relationship Management tool)

A Customer Relationship Management tool, or CRM, is set up to keep you on track with your leads. CRMs can set reminders to check on opportunities at a reasonable cadence and holds all the info you need on your past outreach attempts.

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  1. Set up audience segments & buyer personas (Tool: Marketing Automation)

Use marketing automation data to identify different audience segments and create buyer personas for your development outreach. The more you refine your approach based on these segments, the better qualified leads you’ll capture.

  1. Offer multiple coverage options (Tool: Proposal Creator)

Provide prospects with various coverage options to meet their needs. Offering choice shows the customer you care more about them than making the sale.

  1. Establish a referral program (Tool: CRM and Marketing Automation)

Create and get the word out about referral discounts for current customers and those they refer. Use your CRM to identify connections and leverage marketing automation to publicize.

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Cover All Your Prospecting Needs with Partner Platform

Ultimately, you need a system that integrates each of these prospecting tools in one easy-to-access location. That’s exactly what we created with our Partner Platform agency management tool: an all-in-one system to manage every aspect of your business from prospecting to claims management and more.

Find out more about our Producer Results manager CRM, Marketing Automation Manager, Agency-Branded Mobile app, and Proposal Creator today – schedule a demo or call 800.747.7005, Option 6 to find out more.

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