Working with independent insurance agents all over the country, we continually hear how important it is to build relationships within one’s local community. This reinforces a principle we have long embraced: to be a good partner and participant in the Partner XE community we serve.

What does that mean? Like independent insurance agencies, we work with our community of clients to listen, communicate, serve and grow.

We listen.

Our Partner XE User Community drives our priorities and product innovation. We work with agency clients every day to make sure they are getting the most from Partner XE. Whether it’s direct interaction or through our Regional Learning Workshops, we strive to connect with our community in a personal way. And we take everything we hear to heart. Each Partner XE update is based on community input.

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We communicate.

We continually communicate plans and ideas to the Partner XE community through monthly newsletters, webinars, and direct outreach to maximize interaction. Our team regularly lends their expertise to our newsletter articles and blog posts, sharing on different topics our community cares about. This also introduces our partner agencies to more of the SIS team: their personalities, perspectives, and how they can serve each independent agency.

Get to know the individuals on the SIS team

We serve.

We appreciate and are connected to the communities in which we live and work. The SIS philanthropy team invites employees to bring forward community events and causes they care about. We rally together to organize fundraising and service activities to assist the community in ways that are meaningful to the people that are doing it.

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We grow.

As a partner and community member, we strive to help our community agencies grow. Each agency is unique and has specific needs. So, we adapt Partner XE and our service to support individual agency growth. Our client stories speak to these discrete needs and our growth-minded solutions. For us, it’s all about growing our community and helping our community grow.

Want to be a part of the Partner XE community? Get in touch with us to share your agency needs and start your partnership today.

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