We strive to provide the best insurance agency software to our Partner Platform agencies, but we don’t have all the answers on our own. That’s where our trusted technology partners, our Partner Allies, come in. In this series, we get to know more about our industry partners and how they bring innovation and expertise to the Partner Platform system.

Based in Nokomis, FL, Lightspeed Voice® is a VoIP, cloud-based IP telephone provider founded in 2009 to provide the insurance industry with reliable VoIP and client relationship management (CRM) solutions.

Lightspeed differentiates through high-touch and high-service, which aligns nicely with Partner Platform’s approach – and is also true for the way our independent agency clients sell. Both Partner Platform and Lightspeed strive to be hands-on, building relationships with clients just as our independent agents do with their customers.

I talked with Lightspeed’s VP of Sales and Marketing, Steve Mohr, about the partnership.

How did you first become connected with SIS and Partner Platform?

One of our customers came to us with the suggestion – they were a Partner Platform customer and saw an opportunity. I happened to have a trip planned to the Columbus area, so I connected with (Director of Product Management) Bryce Lee while I was in town, and we took things from there.

After meeting with the Partner Platform team, we saw that SIS has many of the same values we do as a company.  We both provide personalized service above and beyond what many others in the industry provide. Both of our customer bases are very loyal, which is a testament to the product and company.

How does Lightspeed integrate into the Partner Platform system?

We offer a complete VoIP phone solution that provides numerous benefits such as a live switchboard, the ability to listen in on live calls, record all calls, and real-time performance metrics.  We also offer a screen pop-up on inbound calls, so when a prospect or customer calls in, Partner Platform will automatically pull up that contact’s information.

How do independent agents benefit from working with Lightspeed versus a big-name provider?

I often say we have a similar value proposition as independent agents. There are undoubtedly huge online carriers in our field that many use, but they’re missing out on personal service, strong partnerships, and knowing they’ll always get a human to talk to when they call us. We also own all of our infrastructure, so we can fix any issues on-site and don’t have to rely on third-party systems to place our calls.

What do Partner Platform clients like about working with Lightspeed?

The pop-up screen integration stands out as the feature most users love about the system. Overall, it’s the level of service we provide and how thorough we are, especially when agencies get started with us. We do a full network check when working with a new agency to ensure the best possible call quality is delivered right from the start.

What emerging needs do you see for independent insurance agencies in the next three to five years?

I’ve been doing more research recently on what agencies are doing to keep up with technology and product offerings trends. The biggest challenge I see is maintaining the balance of keeping up with technology without losing that personal touch customers get with an independent agency.  Finding the mix between leveraging the latest technology to improve processes and keeping employee-customer interaction at the forefront is the secret to success.


Thanks to our Partner Allies like Lightspeed, we at Partner Platform can be confident we’re offering our agencies the best technology. Lightspeed’s commitment to provide a quality product and prioritize client service echoes our own pledge to our Partner Platform agencies and their promise to their insurance customers. We’re thankful for our Partner Allies like Lightspeed, who think and act with the client’s needs first.

Find out more about Partner Platform’s expanding capabilities and our other Partner Allies on our website at sispartnerplatform.com.

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