We at SIS are proud to serve agencies with our specialized independent agency insurance system, Partner Platform. Our decision to serve local, independent agencies was intentional and continues to be a defining factor in who we are today. Our Partner Platform system and community, like the independent agencies we serve, grew out of a need for local engagement and community support.

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The Rise of the Independent Insurance Agency

Independent agencies themselves grew out of operating as the equivalent of a manufacturer’s local rep. Many were individual agents operating as local contact points for major insurance providers. They offered product choice to satisfy the needs of their local client – whether a person or a business.

These agencies became successful because: 1) they offered choice, and 2) they have a unique relationship with the community.  Independent agencies employ individuals from their locality, participate in the success of the community, and protect families and businesses with which they have a local connection. It is this final factor – community connection – that sets independent agencies apart in the industry.

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The Need for Unique Technology

Independent agencies see their work as personal rather than transactional. Yet, we live in the age of insurtech and, despite its seemingly impersonal nature, independent agencies must leverage technology to complement their personalized business.

Successful agencies manage a diverse set of clients, policies, and carriers.  Quotes have to be processed, proposals prepared, conversations documented, and emails and other electronic files stored and easily accessible. In short, loads of information has to be managed and organized for an agency to serve their clients well. 

Technology companies like Amazon have changed expectations, causing consumers to expect immediate action. Independent agencies now have that expectation, along with their focus on personal service and care. How can they make the impersonal technology they need personal to their clients?

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The Solution with Partner Platform

We’ve faced this essential independent agency question head-on: how can we serve unique client needs with speed and sincerity? Our Partner Platform agency system has the depth of capabilities and ease of use agencies need to serve their whole client needs in not a whole lot of time.

With integrated sales and marketing capabilities, we’ve made it easy for agencies to process critical client data and organize their sales efforts. Our Client Portal and Agency-Branded Mobile app are designed to deliver clients a high-quality digital experience that’s complementary to their personal touch. And, our integrations with various essential agency tools (raters, email, texting, MS word) mean information can be shared easily, stored quickly, and retrieved with simplicity.

To back it all up, we have professional, personal service from a company that looks like the agencies we serve: owner-operated, invested in the community and in the success of the independent insurance agent. We invite you to find out more. Discover what Partner Platform can do for your agency: get in touch at 800.747.7005, Option 6 or [email protected].

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